For years, I have been helping small businesses and individual with their tax planning and tax preparation. Working with them to ensure that each client has a unique tax strategy to help them with their financial goals.

About Me

I am a Certified Public Accountant specializing in individual and small business tax preparation, tax consulting, and accounting services. My main goal with a client is to help them understand their tax situation and help them succeed in their financial goals, including a forward look approach to ensure the client receives the maximum deductions to increase cash flow. This includes consulting small businesses on the most advantageous business entity type and helping with state and local registrations. I’m ready to tackle any challenges and begin my role as your trusted tax planner and advisor.



"Julie is absolutely wonderful to work with! She was able to address all my millions of questions in a clear and concise way. She completed my tax returns quickly and efficiently which was super helpful. She even went above and beyond to help me with figuring out estimated quarterly taxes for this year which was brand new to me.

She was also able to advise me on questions around LLC creation.

She is fast, smart and dependable. I couldn't recommend working with her enough!"

- Carolyn D.

"Couldn't be happier with Mrs. Moran's accounting services. I was impressed by her depth of knowledge. She is professional and answered all my questions quickly and clearly. I will continue to use her services for my future accounting needs."

- Ryan

"Julie was an absolute dream! We had two tax returns we needed help on as we had a lot going on - multiple W2's, freelance, stocks, etc. Julie answered all of our questions and completed our 2 tax returns in a very quick and easy manner for us, what took us hours last year by ourselves using TurboTax, took us 30 minutes this year with Julie. I'm beyond grateful to have found Julie and will of course be using her again in the future. 100% recommend Julie to anyone who needs help with their taxes, she's patient, easy to communicate with, smart, and just a great person."

- Shoshana G.